Greening a Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Leather Leaf Fern

Greening a cascade is a basic design technique.  Start with the bridal bouquet holder that has been soaked throughly in water treated with flower food.

The holder must be secured firmly in an upright position.  You can use a vase with a narrow neck.  Fill it with marbles or rock so that it doesn't tip forward as your design gets heavier with flowers.  (Trust me - flowers in wet foam are heavier than you think!)

Leather leaf fern is a basic staple in every flower shop.  It only takes four or five good sized leather stems to fill a standard cascade bouquet.

That's why I'm astounded at the amount of leather leaf fern most of my competitors insist that a bride buy.  Ten bunches is a full case.  Since a single bunch of leather leaf has between 20 - 25 stems, 10 bunches is enough to do 50 bridal bouquets! 

I decided to start carrying fresh flowers in my store because of this ridiculous demand from online flower farms.  To add insult to injury - most of the time the greenery prices "estimated retail" is far lower than what they quote.  Suggesting that bunches retail at $15 a bunch is double what you can normally buy it for!

Be sure to compare costs carefully before buying your flowers online (especially greenery).  I offer single bunches, allowing the DIY bride to mix and match both greenery and flowers without having to buy enormous quantities.

Don't forget to check out my free Wedding Flower Calculator.  Using this will help you calculate and buy only what you need, saving considerably on your flower budget.

I may not offer free shipping, but the other farms have the prices so well padded that they offer "free shipping" - making the DIY bride think she's getting a bargain!

Don't be alarmed if there are a few broken stems or blemishes.  Remember this is a live product, picked and packed from a large field.  Simply break off any blemishes and discard.

So many nice laterals (individual fronds) coming off the main stem make it easy to green in quickly.

You can break off individual fronds - but I like cutting them with a florist knife in order to have a clean cut stem that inserts easily into the foam.

You can cut off one at a time and insert into the foam or cut them all at once and make a pile to insert into the bouquet holder.

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