Gingerbread House Pattern

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Download this great Gingerbread House Pattern and print it off on regular paper.

(Please note I tried to keep the sizes equal - but there may be slight distortion of the original patterns because of scan.)

This house was constructed using Wilton's Gingerbread House recipe. This recipe gives a firm dough that is good for the house construction.

Once the basic house is assembled, you can let your imagination fly! Use candy canes, pretzels, candy wafers, or colored candies to create your masterpiece!

Easy Gingerbread Cottage

Love the idea of decorating - but don't have all that mixing and baking time? Check out the great Prebaked Gingerbread Houses by Wilton. They do the work of baking and leave the enjoyment of decorating to you. The "ultimate" house is huge, with tons of icing and colorful candy. The kit includes the pre-baked house pieces and trees, 3 packages of icing mix, decorating bags, 2 tips, icing decorations, candy and complete instructions. It'll be so pretty that you'll probably not want to eat it!

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