Funny Wedding Vows

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Funny wedding vows can break the ice and add genuine laughter and fun to your ceremony. However . . . be cautious of going overboard. It's fun when people are laughing with you - but it can cause hurt feelings from your newly wedded spouse if the joke is at their expense.

Be sure the Officiate is Agreeable

Be sure to discuss any humorous additions to your wedding ceremony and that he or she is prepared. Having a minister frown or act disapproving can be a real downer on something that should be lighthearted!

Keep It in Good Taste

Having a verse about "love, honor and always share the TV remote" is funny. Making her swear to "give up cruising strip joints" or "belching at the table" isn't. Remember the rule of laughing with her - not at her. Bathroom humor falls in the same catagory.

Sometimes It's a Surprise to Both

I attended a wedding where the father was a insurance agent. Unbeknownst to either the bride OR the groom, the father arranged for the minister to say to the groom,:

    "I, Dallas, take thee, Megan, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, whether low insurance premiums or high insurance premiums . . ."

Both the bride and groom burst into laughter, joined by the congregation.

After several automobile mishaps, her long-suffering father wanted to be sure the groom took full responsibility for his new accident-prone bride!

Use Your Own Memories or Hobbies

Are you an avid golfer? Love to watch football? Forever devoted to having five dogs? Do you have an cute story of how you both met? Turn these memories and passions into amusing additions to your wedding vows:

    I, Randy, promise to love you and cherish you, never forgetting a birthday or anniversary unless the Dolphins are playing!

And the bride could respond:

    I, Kirsten, promise to love you and cherish you, always providing the best snacks I can think of for SuperBowl Sunday!"

Relax, be yourselves and turn to YOUR own personal lives for material to use in writing funny wedding vows!

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