Funny Wedding Invitation

This funny wedding invitation is sure to be a big hit with your guests!  With a "fill in the blank" style, this humerous invitation let's you check whatever applies - friend, family, co-worker . . or even ex-gf/bf!

It gives a chuckle while giving a heads up on what to expect when it comes to centerpieces, dancing and "embarrassing" toasts!

Invitation-O-Matic Wedding Invitations

Hilarious pair of socks who have found their "sole" mates!  The clever pun on words is a funny way to invite your laid back guests to the fun bash that celebrates your wedding.

Sole Mates Wedding Invitations

If your guests are the type to laugh, then scratch their heads and say "I don't get it . . " - you'll have a lot of fun sending out these comical invites.  Only for the people who don't really take themselves too seriously!

You in or What Wedding Invitations

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