Funny Bridal Shower Games

Funny bridal shower games can be the hit of the party. But choose carefully - games that are funny at a lingerie party may NOT be funny to all the guests that include aunts, grandmas and other close friends!

The Price is Right

You can do this two ways. Go to the actual supermarket and purchase all of the items (later presenting to the bride as a gift) OR just noting the prices of many different products.

Give each guest a sheet of paper numbered and a pencil. The ideas is to present each product, tell the size (ounces, pounds, etc.) and have the guests guess at the cost.

Once you are at the bottom, how everyone total up their "purchases". The one who comes the closest wins. The products could be given as a prize as well!

Bake a Cake

This game can be really fun to play - and to watch!! Have a large box or basket with the following: Ingredients:

sugar, all-purpose flour, HERSHEY'S Cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, salt, eggs, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract - and several other items that AREN'T in a cake mix - cream of tartar, cinnamon, etc. Be sure to announce that there are UNNEEDED ingredients on the table!

Add a large mixing bowl, spatula, oven mitts, portable mixer and measuring spoons/cups. Provide everything need to make a chocolate cake from scratch AND some extra ingredients that AREN'T needed

Have everyone gather around the table, tie an apron on the bride and have her mix up a chocolate cake from scratch - WITHOUT A RECIPE! The Grandmas always get really tickled at watching the bride-to-be alarmed at doing something rather than pouring out a cake from a box! It's even funnier if you bring in the groom to "have the first taste" of his wife-to-be's home cookin'!

Note: be sure to provide another cake for serving - this one might not be fit to eat!

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