Fun Bridal Shower Games

Many fun bridal shower games aren't that hard to set up or play. The games below use nothing more than simple, household items - toilet paper and clothespins!

Toilet Tissue Bride Shower Game

Divide up your guests into teams. Have each one choose to be their "bride". Give each team several rolls of toilet paper, paper clips and scissors and let them fashion a "bridal gown" out of toilet paper!

This is hilarious - and actually produces some great works of art! Assign someone to judge (the bride, perhaps) and the winners get prizes.

Another toilet paper game is to pass around a roll and have everyone tear off a piece. The bride, in a separate room, also tears off a piece. The person coming closest to matching the bride's piece wins a prize.

The Clothespin Game

Decide for a word to be taboo. Some shower hosts choose "bride" or "wedding". It is taboo to say this word. If anyone hears you say it - you must give up your clothespin to the person who challenges you.

I was at a shower where they forbid you to say the word "I". It was so funny to hear grown women saying "Me did this yesterday . . " This also moves the game on much faster!

A different spin on this game can be to forbid a body movement - such as elbows on the table or crossing their legs. Try not doing that for two hours!

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