Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

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A fruit wedding centerpiece is a delightful way to incorporate interesting elements to a floral design. You can elect to use either fresh fruit or clever imitations.

The newest look is to create separate spaces, with fruit such as apples, pears or oranges divided by leaves, bamboo, flower stems or other mechanics.

You can see how easy this type of design is to create!

A play on the lovely color of these apples create smooth and refreshing alternative to flowers. Here the fruit is divided with green hypericum berries, lemon leaves and decorative grasses.

Don't forget our traditional cornucopia, otherwise known as "horn of plenty". This centerpieces dates back to harvest celebrations, usually filled with an abundance of different types of fruit and grains. Modern day versions incorporate flowers, fruit, nuts, pods, wheat and other interesting elements.

This "Martha Stewart Style" centerpiece begins with a rustic container such as this simple wooden box. Be sure to always line containers like this with a plastic holder or other waterproof containers.

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