Fresh Wedding
Cake Flowers

Fresh flowers are a lovely addition to a simple tiered wedding cake.  You want to be sure that you use a technique that keeps the flowers food safe so the cake does not become contaminated.

For this cake, I used:

You can use any fresh flowers on a cake - but give careful thought as to how much time elapses between decorating and the beginning of the reception.  Some flowers don't hold up well without a water source.

The ideal situation is to have the cake designer put the flowers on immediately after delivery of the cake.

Here are the flowers used for this demonstration.  Larger flower heads are used sparingly for big impact.  Some flower heads, like hydrangeas, can be separated into smaller accent flowers.

Long (none colored) wooden toothpicks are used to give a clean source for inserting into the flower step, keeping the actual stems from inserting.  Always think sanitation since some flowers may contain fertilizers or chemicals on the farm.

Keeping or removing the leaves surrounding the flower head is up to you.

I tend to remove the smaller leaves found directly under the rose head for a cleaner look.

The long stem will be shortened later.

Remove any imperfect rose petals to have a smaller, perfect rose for insertion into the cake.

If you wish, set aside the guard petals and other fully opened roses to use as loose petals to scatter on the tables later.

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