Fresh Rose Bouquet

Bouquet Making Instructions

Upon finishing this fresh rose bouquet tutorial, be sure to mist the roses with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. This product seals the flowers, helps prevent wilting and petal transparency and actually hydrates through the petals themselves. I never make a single bouquet, corsage or boutonniere that I don't use this spray over and over.

I finished this hand tied bouquet tutorial by wrapping the finished stems with white ribbon and securing with pearl headed corsage pins. This is done the day of the wedding, so the ribbon won't be spoiled by sitting in a vase of water.

Although this bouquet looks very real, it is actually a faux hand tie of fresh roses made on an OASIS Superwet Bouquet holder. If this were an actual hand-tied bouquet of 24 roses, the bouquet handle would be very large and rather unwieldy for the bride to grip with one hand.

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