Fresh Pumpkin Centerpieces

Greening with Leather Leaf Fern

Proper greening of your centerpieces will resemble the look of a natural fern plant when you've finished.

The lateral leaves will curve downward, and begin moving upwards on the sides until the center leaves are point straight up.

Fill out your pumpkin methodically, cutting clean stems, stripping off the bottom leaf or two, sticking those up straight in the center and the inserting the cut leaf into the sides.

Begin to fill in the center of your foam.  The idea is to conceal your mechanics (foam and wire) so only green shows.  You don't have to absolutely pack it with greenery, since flower stems need room for insertion later.

Don't hesitate to cut some of your longer pieces of fern into smaller pieces.  You'll never notice it once the arrangement is filled in completely.

Turn your pumpkin as you green, to be sure of a good look at all sides, evenly filling in as you go.  Maintain a half rounded shape.

Later we will secure the top of the pumpkin and incorporate it into the actual design.  Set it aside for the present and let's move onto the flowers.

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