Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquets

Secrets Florists Use to Keep Those Flowers Fresh!!

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Do you plan to make your own fresh flower wedding bouquets? Then brush up on a few products and tips that professional florists use on THEIR wedding bouquets.

Use Professional Florist Supplies

Discount florist supplies (REAL florist supplies) aren't likely to be found in your local craft store. Most professional florists order theirs in bulk from their own wholesale distributor. They are usually reluctant to display them for consumer use.

Why should they encourage you to make your own fresh flower wedding bouquet? That just takes dollars out of their own pockets.

Process Your Bulk Wedding Flowers Immediately!

Professional flower shops unpack and process their fresh flower shipments as quickly as possible. They know the key to keeping flowers longer is to get them drinking water as quickly as possible.

Be home when your bulk wedding flowers arrive and be ready to process them as soon as possible. Sitting on a porch in warm sun is sure death to your flowers!Have plenty of buckets on hand (at least one 5-gallon bucket for every 2-3 bunches of flowers you order. More if the flowers need room to open.)

Have a large cool room ready to store the flowers in after they have been cut. Basements are fine as well as air-conditioned rooms. Just turn the thermostat a little cooler than usual. You should feel chilly in the room with a sleeveless blouse on.

Use Clean Buckets and Professional Flower Food

Now is no timie to take Aunt Myrtle's advice about using home formulas to feed your wedding flowers. Seven-Up, copper pennies, and aspirin just doesn't hold a candle to professional flower flood designed for the best care of cut flowers.

You've spent so much on your flowers - do you want to trust them to a soda mixture?

Clean the buckets days in advance with bleach water and allow to dry. You don't have to rinse. A small amount of bleach will help keep down the bacteria.

Cut All Flower Stems Underwater

Dry packed flowers are very thirsty. When you cut the stem of a flower, the flower immediately "gulps" just as you would taking in your breath. If the flower gulps in air instead of water, an air pocket may develop in the stem. This air bubble literally keeps water from reaching the flower head. (This is a common cause of limp necked roses).

Be sure that first gulp a flower takes is of water by cutting under the water surface. This is very important. Also cut with a sharp knife or bunch cutter. Scissor blades tend to pinch the stems, again squeezing off the pull of water up the stem.

I Recommend "Quick Dip"

Quick Dip is a product that you immediately dip newly cut flower stems in. Keep it in a deep bowl and immediately dip the end of your cut flower into it up a couple inches on the stem.

This florist supply product helps with instant flower hydration (getting the flowers to take water up quickly.)

Water up the stem quickly helps make beautiful flowers open fully.

Mist the Flower Heads with a Flower Sealant

Most florists allow their flowers to drink water at normal temperature for 20 minutes or so. Then they put them in a specially designed cooler that is more humid that a regular refrigerator.

Since I assume a Do It Yourself bride doesn't have this advantage, the next best thing is to mist the flower heads with a flower sealant like Finishing Touch.

This clear formula sprays on and leaves no residue. It slows the deterioration and browning of fresh flowers. Finishing Touch holds moisture in while allowing the flowers to breathe. You can feel safe in using it on even the most delicate blossoms. (You may wish to wet a tissue with Finishing Touch and lay it gently over gardenia blossoms. Keep the tissue moist at all times and keep these in a refrigerator.)

I consider Finishing Touch or similar product a must for all my fresh flower wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. I remist frequently before designing and after.

Keep Your Fresh Bouquets in a Water Source

After designing your fresh flower wedding bouquets, be sure that they are in a water source of some kind. You can either use flower foam products (such as OASIS Bouquet Holders soaked in treated water) or place the hand-tied bouquets (without the ribbons) in vases of water.

I wait until the last possible minute to put on ribbons because water can make the ribbon discolor or go limp.

Do It Yourself brides may want to consider a pre-made decorative bouquet wrap that can be quickly put on the bouquets before walking down the aisle.

This saves important time when your minds are elsewhere!
Good luck on making your own Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquets! Treat your flowers correctly and they should be "fresh as a daisy" on your trip down that wedding aisle!

Be sure to follow all directions from your flower supplier concerning your shipment of flowers. Your guarantee for freshness may depend upon this!

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