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Can I Buy Flowers Online from You?

No - I sell hard goods only. These are the products that you need to create your flower arrangements, including florist tools, fresh flower products, bouquets holders and centerpiece supplies.

Buying flowers on the internet can be tricky. Not everyone is what they claim to be. Yet I did find one website called

The salespeople were friendly and the flowers I received were absolutely gorgeous. Out of a $1000 order only one bunch was a little iffy. That's pretty good!

They are an ACTUAL flower farm, so your flowers are shipped straight from the fields. This is a huge advantage.

RoseSource (usually) offers free FedEx shipping.

Don't panic that the flowers are coming from South America. Many hundreds of thousands of flowers are shipped in everyday from South America - it's one of their largest exports.

I highly recommend that you read "How to Buy Wholesale Wedding Flowers" before purchasing any flowers online. It's one of the thumbnail links farther down on this page.

What If I Have a Question About my Order with RoseSource?

I do not handle ANYTHING orderwise with RoseSource. It is simply a flower farm I recommend. Any questions about your order must go through them.

Can You Make My Wedding Flowers?

I'm sorry, but I'm now retired from the active flower shop. I would love to do everyone's flowers - but it just isn't possible. Now I just maintain this website and help Do-It-Yourself brides save money by making their own wedding flowers.

Can You Give Me a Quote on Flowers?

Flower quotes change quite a bit from one area to another - so any quote I would give you probably wouldn't apply to your state or country. It's best to take in pictures to your local florists and get several competing quotes from them.

What Do I Do with the Flowers When I Get Them?

I've written several pages on how florists process and treat fresh flowers. I recommend that you check out the thumbnail links below.

There are several pages on flower names and different varieties available.

Please understand that there are THOUSANDS of different kinds of flowers and many different varieties and names by different growers. I've only listed the most common used in wedding work.

Still Have More Fresh Flower Questions . . . ?

Feel free to drop me a line. I'll answer e-mails as quickly as I can - sometimes I can get a little backlogged with so many, so give me a little time.

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