Discount Fresh Cut Flowers

White Astilbe

Buying fresh cut flowers for wedding use can be confusing online.  Be sure to compare prices and quantities required for purchased.  Not all sites claiming to be wholesale are really passing that savings onto the buyer.

White astilbe is a great flower that adds interest and texture to bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and altar sprays. 

This is a seasonal flower, so check carefully to see if available during your wedding month.  The stems are about 12" or longer and last at least five days if treated properly.

Commonly known as "Feather Flower", they come in pink, red and white.  Wholesale farms pack them in bunches of ten stems each.  Some of our competitors require that you buy 10 bunches! 

I sell them in individual bunches so you can have variety in your bouquets.  You can save money buying in larger quantities if you desire.

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