Fountain Wedding Cakes

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Fountain wedding cakes.
There is just something so special about a beautiful water fountain centered in your wedding cake.

Each picture below is special in its own way. Remember you
can always change the colors, the shapes of the pans or other decorations to make this fountain wedding cake your own.

Pink Wedding Cake Fountain

You can easily tint the water in your fountain to match your color schemes. Instead of food coloring from the grocery store (where a red can turn into orange instead of light pink!!), use special food coloring from Wilton. They can create a multitude of colors that will actually look the way you want them too!

Fresh Flower Wedding Cakes

You will need to cover up your "mechanics" of your water fountain. Fresh or silk roses can be ringed around the fountain as part of the decorations.

Using Pillars

Cake pillars or columns are needed to lift the cake high and over the fountain. Use cake props made by the leaders in the industry, Wilton Cakes.

Placing Wedding Fountain Directly on the Cake

By placing proper support plates on the cake, you can actually place a smaller fountain directly on the cake. This creates a beautiful effect. See how the interest continues when different shaped cakes make up the layers.

Fountains, Lights and Staggered Tiers

This timeless classic is featured in Wilton Wedding Cakes - A Romantic Portfolio".

This lovely buttercream icing cake features a dramatic lighted fountain nestled within several raised tiers.

All above photos courtesy of Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

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