Fondant Wedding Cakes

The gorgeous fondant wedding cakes pictured below were made by the design experts at Wilton. Every nuance is exact - and stunning with the marvelous fondant detailing. This first lovely design is called "The Moment Edures" and is featured in the 2005 Wilton Yearbook. Square wedding cakes are very popular with brides right now.

This cake seems to shout "Spring is here!" with gorgeous floral details in fondant. With whispy tucks of tulle, you're sure to get a lot of admiring looks for this cake.

This cake has a luscious addition of purple hydrangea . . . but you could easily add a different flower if you prefer. This updated look will look cool and inviting as a striking centerpiece for your wedding reception. Note the elegant addition of a monogram on the side of the cake.

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