Fondant Wedding Cake

Fondant Wedding Cake has grown to be SO popular with today's bride.The smooth, mirror-like icing and decorated with anything from fresh flowers to masterpieces in gum paste.

See the beauty of that can make your cake dreams come true!

Rolled Fondant Wedding Cake Pictures

I'm sure you will be delighted by the fantastic cake designs that have been created by those masters at Wilton Cakes! They have brought cake decorating to an art in itself and seem to never run out of ideas.

This beautiful heart-shaped beauty balances on tiers and features flowers of gum paste.

Notice the smooth, rounded edges of this wedding cake. Combining several different shaped tiers creates so many possible combinations for your wedding cake.

This wedding cake is absolutely stunning! Covered with life-like orchids fashioned from gum paste, the bakers at Wilton Cakes really outdid themselves on this cake.

This simple wedding cake has delicate pressed leaves around the base of each tier. The only other ornament is tiny dots on the sides of each cake.

Pale tinted pink roses are clustered in at the bottom of this sweet wedding cake. Another spray of roses adorns the second layer.

The versatility of fondant is shown in this next cake. You can fashion delicate folds, bows, ribbons, sashes and more with rolled fondant.

All photos above courtesy Wilton Cakes. All rights reserved.

Drape it, tint it, coil it into ropes, beads and more - rolled fondant just opens up so many beautiful ways to decorate wedding cakes.

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