Fondant Tools

How to Make Fondant Decorations

These easy-to-use fondant tools can make a rolled fondant wedding cake beautiful! Make your decorations up ahead of time and decorate the cake with them at the last minute.

Making Fondant the Easy Way

If you (or someone who is a good friend and loves you very much!!) want to make your wedding cake - get the right tools! Don't go overboard trying to create a cake from scratch and using homemade icing recipes.

As a professional wedding vendor, my advice is to do it the way the pros would. Using the the right tools and the simplest approach and you will save a lot of headaches on your wedding day!

Most professional wedding cake bakers (gasp!!) actually use boxed cake mixes. (At least the ones I know personally do.) They have lots of fillings and tips on how to make the cake have an individual flair - but they do not waste precious time making everything from scratch.

One of the busiest cake vendors I work with revealed some of her secrets to me. She makes her fondant flowers and other cake decorations early, bakes the cake the day before, ices it (or places the rolled icing covering) then adds the pre-made flowers.

Wilton Cake Baking . . . the Experts!

I promote the best experts in the cake baking business - Wilton! They manufacture top quality products for making decorated wedding cakes. The tools pictured below are made by Wilton.

They have wonderful books with step-by-step pictures and instructions on making rolled icing cakes. Invest in one . . it is well worth it.

Two good books to investigate are "Wilton Tiered Cakes, A Showcase of Dramatic Designs for Special Occasions" and Wilton Celebrate! with Fondant".

Both are filled with great ideas and pictures for beautiful cakes.

Ready- to- Use Icing Mix

Wilton's Ready-to-Use fondant comes in a convenient 80 oz. (5 lbs) package. This will cover a 2-layer 6", 8" and 10" round tiered cake plus decorations. How great is that??

This ready to use icing also comes in pastel pink, blue, yellow and green. You can also buy multi-packs that come in the primary colors, neon colors, pastel colors and natural (browns and pinks) colors. Wilton has tried to make it as easy as possible for you to create beautiful rolled fondant cakes!

Buttercream Fondant

Cake bakers argue against rolled fondant because it doesn't always taste good. But brides have fallen in love with the beauty of the smooth rolled fondant wedding cakes.

Wilton produces no-color flavoring to add to your fondant. That way your guests will want to admire your cake - and want to eat it, too!! Get that buttery flavor with the gorgeous fondant look. Flavors also come in clear vanilla and almond extract.

Gum Paste Mix and Gum-Tex

Gum Paste Mix is a product that you add water to and it makes a workable, dough-like mixture. It molds into beautiful flowers, figurines and other decorations for your fondant cake.

Gum-Tex is an additive that you work into either fondant or the gum paste mix to make the fondant more pliable, elastic and easy to shape.

Fondant Roller

This is one of the fondant tools you will enjoy having if your are planning to work with small pieces. The wooden roller fits comfortably in your hand and gives you more control.

Confectionery Tool Set

These convenient little fondant tools are invaluable for shaping and imprinting fondant and gum paste flowers. You can use them for everything from marking patterns in fondant to shaping flowers.

Fondant Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is special because it rolls out fondant evenly and to the PERFECT THICKNESS. Slide on guide rings make it easy to roll out even the smallest pieces of fondant to the right depth. This is one the the fondant tools you'll be sure to use over and over again even after your wedding day is done.

Use it to turn out perfect cookies, pie crusts and more!

Fondant Smoother and Shaper

Of all the fondant tools available, be sure to buy this one tool.It is essential for shaping and smoothing rolled icing on your wedding cake.

Some people try shaping with just their hands, but it often leaves fingerprints and indentions in the icing.

How to Make a Fondant Bow

Making fondant bows will be easy with this ribbon cutter and embosser set. Choose which design you like and roll away. Tools don't get any easier than this!

Flower Molds

This flower making set molds your gum paste flowers easily. It comes with a step-by-step instruction book. The kit includes cutter, a leaf mold, modeling tools, instruction book and more.

Wilton has a wide variety of cake decorating accessories to make your wedding cake beautiful Check them out by following my store link below:

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Since many florist are reluctant to sell the products that they purchase from a wholesale floral supply, I made sure I have all the items you need to design your own floral arrangements.

I also carry a large assortment of Wilton cake baking supplies. Since I do purchase a large assortment from many different manufacturers, help me keep my prices low by ORDERING EARLY! Allowing for extra time will ensure that I get the items you order to you in plenty of time for your very special day.

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