Flowers for Wedding Candelabras

Flowers for wedding candelabras can get to be rather expensive. You might want to consider making your own florals. It's not that difficult if you have the same supplies as professional florists use.

Your designs and your Oasis foam pieces will depend on the style of candelabra that you rent. There are usually several styles to choose from. Find a reputable rental agency and shop around a bit. (See "wedding rental" in your yellow pages).

This first candelabra can be flexible. The arms can fold to a straight diagonal as shown. Simply fasten an Oasis spray or raquette bar to the piece with chenille stems or zip ties.

You can also fold the arms down to rise in a center point as shown below. These flowers are arranged on an Oasis single cage wired to the stand. The size of the cage is determined by how large of an arrangement you plan on. Don't skimp on the size. There's not that much difference in price and the water source is important for a large bouquet.

Spiral candelabras have a lovely look to them. A spray bar or box Oasis cage works nicely for these as well.

Stands like these are usually available for unity candles. Check to see if the center candle can support a pillar candles or just tapers.

More elaborate arrangements like these work well with large cages of foam.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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