Pumpkin Centerpieces

Choosing Fall Flowers for Your Design

I chose a mixed assortment of fall flowers for my pumpkin centerpiece.  These are commonly available in local supermarkets, floral shops and garden centers during autumn.

They are usually secured by either rubber bands or a wire twist of some kind.  Remove carefully - you don't want to slit either the stems or the flower food packet that is enclosed at the bottom of the cellophane.

As you can see, a packet was dropped into the bottom of these flowers.   Don't discard this packet, as you'll want to mix it with the water that you soaked your Oasis foam in.

Directions for usage is found on the back of every powder packet.

Fresh flowers should look closed - not necessarily open and full.  That increases the danger of creased petals and bacteria starting to form.

Gently separate stems that are tightly packed together.  Too rough of handling can cause broken flower heads and damage to the petals.

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