Wedding Church Stand

Adding Gladiolus

I generally wait to add my flowers to the wedding stand after arriving at the church.  If you don't have time to do this, you can flower before you go to the venue.

Just realize that you need to be extra careful in delivering already flowered arrangements to the church because the long laterals can be easily broken during transport.

I've now going to add gladiolus to the arrangement.  When in season, they are generally inexpensive compared to other flowers.

You can cut them to a pleasing length - but be sure to use all the parts - even the tall top part with the buds that haven't opened yet.

Angled a long glad stem up at the top of the cage, extending beyond the Italian Ruscus.

I'm going to use a filler flower to stretch out the look without adding the cost of a lot of flowers.  Here I've tucked in Queen Anne's Lace in the center of the floral around the gladiolus.

Cut an add more gladiolus at the bottom left.

Add more stems here or there until you've achieved a pleasing design.  This bride wanted minimum look with lots of greenery to create a woodsy feel. 

Use your own choice of flowers and colors to adapt to your own wedding theme and color palette.  Good choices instead of gladiolus could be snapdragons, liatris, delphinium, larkspur, roses, stock, mums, lusianthus or asiatic lilies.

You can also include bows with trailing ribbon, tulle, ting ting, birch branches or other design elements for a unique look.

If you design several days in advance, keep in mind that the water in the foam will be drawn out by the flowers and greens.  Replenish the water daily and keep the foam wet at all times up to the day of the wedding.

Free standing cages also have water drip out or evaporate out.  Simply keep in mind that these are living plants that need watering just like a potted plant does!

To ensure that all stems stay securely in place (even thru delivery) you may want to lock them in with a floral adhesive such as Floralock.

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