Flower Urn

A flower urn is typically a large container that is set upon a pedestal.  It's not necessarily the size of the container, rather the shape that defines it as an urn.

For this wedding tutorial, I'll be using an urn that is approximately 9 1/2 inches tall with a wide bell shaped opening at the top.

This florist container has a generous 8 inch opening and is able to accommodate a large block of floral foam for both fresh and silk designs.

The attractive metallic finish gives the rich look of brass or silver, but is really made of high impact, lightweight plastic that comes apart in pieces. 

This makes it an inexpensive container that is easy to ship - yet gives the impression of a heavier, costly container that is very showy for large florals.

The size is perfect for one standard brick of Oasis florist foam.

There are many different styles and designs of these containers.  They are waterproof, will not corrode or need to be polished . . . and are cheap enough to use as a "throw away" container after the event is over!

These urns are available in silver and gold finishes, as well as black and white.

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