Flower Supplies

Wholesale flower supplies as used by a professional shop are seldom found in your typical hobby or craft shop. With the availability of buying directly from a grower on the web, you need to be sure to treat your wedding flowers with the same care as a professional if you expect them to hold up well for your wedding day.

Florist Tools

Using quality tools is a must. Every florist I know guarded their florist knife carefully and it was always handy in their pocket or work station.The blades on these knives are specially designed to cut flower stems without crushing the delicate cell structure. This allows the flowers to continue to uptake water and nourish the flower head even after being cut.

Nutrients and Sealants

Proper nutrition is as important for fresh flowers as it is for the human body. I always use different products from Floralife when processing my wedding flower shipments. Products such as QuickDip, Crystal Clear Flower Food and Finishing Touch all play an important part in making those precious wedding florals last through the week until your wedding day!

Oasis Florist Foam

Using centerpiece supplies and wedding bouquet supplies made by Oasis makes it SO MUCH EASIER to create beautiful florals. If you use the right products and foam, good quality fresh flowers should stay looking good for ten days or even more!

Be sure to check out my wedding and supply store for everything you need to make your arrangements "pretty as a picture"!

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