Flower Picks

Flower picks are usually only found through wholesale floral suppliers. This handy little product is the secret behind keeping corsages and boutonnieres fresh throughout a long wedding day.

Stephanotis are a favorite for brides. Their lovely scent and old fashioned look is beautiful for all types of bouquet and corsage work.

Florists used to bend wires around cotton batting and thread them down through the throat of the stephanotis to help avoid wilting. There's no need for this tedious step if you use stephanotis picks.

Snap the bottom stem off the flower head. Soak the pick in water treated with flower food and push the water saturated stem up through the bottom of the flower head.

If you wish, you can tape the head down the stem with green florist tape.

Heavier headed flowers such as roses and dendrobium orchids need a sturdier wire.

As you can see, there is a larger head of cotton batting in which the wire comes out completely through the end.

Always be sure the cotton is throughly soaked in water that has been treated with a product such as Crystal Clear. This helps increase the longevity of the flower life.

Cut the stems close to the flower head and then insert the wet pick deeply into the stem. Wire the flower stem as usual and then tape from the flower head completely down the pick.

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