Flower Names and Their Meaning

See the flower names and what they symbolic in the pictures below. Brides often like to have a sentimental charm to their bridal bouquets and "speak" the language of love through both their bouquets and their centerpieces.

Joyfulness and Heavenly - Birds of Paradise

This exotic orange flower actually resembles a bird in flight. Also known as the "Crane Flower", they also represent 9th anniversaries. See them peeking out at the top of this tropical wedding centerpiece below.

Enthusiasm and Excitement - Bouvardia

Bouvardia is tiny clusters of star like flowers that come in red, pink, soft orange, and white. These lovely clusters of red bouvardia add so much to this colorful bouquet.

Optimism , Joy and Perfection - Chrysanthemum

Japanese consider the chrysanthemum a perfect flower and, by the way the petals are, a symbol of the sun. The petals unfold in a perfect explosion of a delicate star pattern.

New Beginnings and Wealth - Daffodil

Spring is here when the daffodils emerge, symbolizing new birth. Also known as jonquils and narcissus, these bright flowers hold the legend that the first to see them burst forth are blessed with riches throughout the year!

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