Flower Meanings

Romantic flower meanings can send coy messages to your honey as you stroll down that aisle! This and several other pages not only list the flower names, but give a little background as to what each flower means.

Friendship, Innocence and Trust - Freesia

This bell-shaped flower has a lightly fragranced scent and is very popular in bouquets. The slender stems support a large headed flower that comes in white, pink, red and yellow.

Passion - Gladiolus

These tall, elegant flowers have slender leaves that give mind to a sword, which is reputed to "pierce the heart" with passion. Gladiolus come in a huge variety of colors and add a great deal of grace for a very reasonable cost!

Passion and Protection - Heather

The feathery brush of red heather promises passion, will the soft pink and white is considered to have protective powers in some cultures.

Consistancy and Sincerity - Blue Hyacinth

The hyacinth in a bell shaped flower that grows on a sturdy stalk and smells soooooo good! In Greek mythology it stands for "young love". It is also available in white, and various shades of pink.

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