Flower Kissing Balls

Easy to Follow Directions for Making Wedding Bouquets

You flower kissing balls the same as you would any bouquet holder. Cut the stems short and insert deeply into the wet foam. For this demonstration, I used a combination of burgandy mums and miniature hot pink carnations.

Remember that the larger the size of the Oasis foam ball , the heavier the finished pomander will be. Wet foam can be very heavy. The smaller 3" and 4 1/2" balls are much more suited for bouquets while the larger 6" and 8" balls can be used for centerpieces or for hanging from sturdy supports.

If you want the bouquet to be bigger, simply cut the stems longer rather than go to the larger size.

I fill in completely with just one type of flower first, so to get an even "all over" effect.

Then I began inserting the pink carnations in between the burgandy mum heads.

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