Flower Girl Pomander

A flower girl pomander is simply a small ball, similar to a purse, usually made of flowers. Often referred to as a "kissing ball", it's origins is from England.

Lovers used to sneak kisses for luck under fragrant balls - usually mistletoe. It soon evolved into a wonder of different kinds of designs you see today.

This first photo is actually a fabric ball, designed to match the ring bearer's pillow. Looped with a ribbon and topped with a few flowers, delicate flower jewelry creates a beautiful finish to this little purse.

Here's another twist on a familiar theme. Cover styrofoam with a fabric of your choice, fill with flowers and bedeck with dazzling jewels.

This pomander should be sized according to the age of your flower girl. Simply extend the flowers longer on the bottom and fill upward until the entire pomander ball is covered.

This very traditional pomander has a cool handle made with Oasis' new decorative wire. Peach roses, green button mums and amber jewelry finishes the look.

Photos courtesy John Henry and others. All rights reserved.

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