Choosing a Flower Girl Gown

Buying a flower girl gown can almost be as time consuming as finding your own wedding dress! There is a limit sometimes of matching sizes. Rarely are infant dresses made to match older sister's flower girl dress!

I've know some brides to solve this problem by dressing their sweet little girls in contrasting gowns. If you have problems with smaller infant dresses, check out the christening gowns.

You may just want to purchase an all white dress and accessorize it with the colors you need.

Be careful to choose a dress that won't cause the child to be endlessly tripping over during the day. Crying children do not work well in wedding ceremonies!

There are adorable shorter dresses that can make her feel like a princess with a matching headpiece!

Simple hair bows and other accessories can pull her color scheme and help match with other wedding colors.

Once the children reach the five to seven year age it is easier. Some manufacturers do create dresses for that age that match the bridesmaid's gowns.

You can see how a pretty flower halo and a matching sash are all the accessories that a pretty little flower girl needs!

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