Flower Decoration

A bright flower decoration is created with ease by using a new product made by Smithers-Oasis called a Mini-Deco. Whether you need a touch of flowers on a ringbearer pillow or a cluster of flowers on side of a programs basket, these tiny florist foams are perfect for the job!

These are perfect for adding small flower arrangements just about anywhere.

Add accents of flowers to the top of wrapped boxes or reception gifts.

Your wedding toasts will be extra special with the bottles looking like a million bucks!

These can be attached with a dot of glue. The also have two tabs on the side for wiring to different objects.

If you need a larger amount of flowers (thus a bigger foam head), try the Oasis Iglu. They come in two different sizes and are great for flower cake tops, floral accents for pews, attaching to chairs and more.

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I carry everything you need in wholesale floral supplies that you need to make your own wedding flowers. These items are hard to find in regular stores, and are usually only available through wholesale suppliers to professional florists.

Check out the store to see the newest products available to florists to make creating floral designs easy and quickly.

Discount Florist Supplies

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