Flower Craft Wire

Flower craft wire is now available in the latest colors and thicknesses. The newest to hit the market is this awesome colored diamond wire from Oasis.

The wire is 12 gauge, which is about a medium thick wire. It twists and coils easily by hand and comes in a dazzling thirteen colors.

Diamond wire adds such a creative touch when wound around flower stems, coiled and woven among bouquets or twisted into corsages or boutonnieres.

Here's a closeup view. You can see that diagonal cuts across the wire is what gives it the shine and sparkle of diamonds.

It comes on a generous 39 foot roll which goes a long way. Colors include gold, silver, green apple, copper, tangerine, pink, turquoise, black (pictured above), brown, red and purple.

You'll have so much fun experimenting with different ways to use this cool new design tool!

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