Flower Arranging Supplies
Waterproof Tape

When stocking flower arranging supplies, waterproof tape should be at the top of your list. This handy tape is used to secure the wet foam in your container or bowl.

You can use this tape to secure stems to a bridal bouquet for a faux "hand-tied" effect.

It is available in "green" (actually more of a gray color) and white. Use the green for when you want the tape to disappear into the greens of foliage. Use white for white containers, such as pressed mache. Otherwise the green tape can be seen from the sides of the container. The goal is to make the "mechanics" (such as the tape) of the arrangement be inconspicuous as possible.

The tape is used to secure water soaked foam into any size of container. You will need to angle some of the greenery down in order to conceal the tape. Check out my centerpiece tutorials for photos on this step-by-step process.

It is essential to soak the foam and add water to the bowl BEFORE taping the bowl.

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