Flower Arrangement Supplies

Flower arrangement supplies are sometimes a little difficult to find in the craft department of your local super store. If you are interested in designing weddings (or other arrangements), check out the professional quality items in my floristry supply store.

You can pick up quality florist tools, including knives, bunch cutters, floral snips and more.

You will also find products such as an OASIS Hot Melt Glue Pan - industrial quality made for flower shops.

There is a complete assortment of utility bowls, so your money can be spent on flowers - not containers.

Items such as florist clay, paddle wire, flower glue and other hard-to-find products. Since I am supplied by the St. Louis flower market, it is one of the largest fresh flower supplies districts in the United States.

If you need something that isn't in the store, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. I have many wholesaler contacts who can special order in many different kinds of products. Check out the rest of my pages for step-by-step flower arranging tutorials, hundreds of pictures of centerpieces, wedding bouquets and other decorating hints.

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Discount Florist Supplies

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