Florist Tape

Florist tape is a essential design tool for any floral project. It is available in many colors, but the most popular is shades of green.

Simply hold the end of the tape firmly against the stem with one finger and wind the tape around the stem. You pull the flower tape gently, causing it to stretch and adhere to itself as you go down the stem.

The finished stem should be firmly attached to the wires and not loose in any way. Be sure the stems are completely covered and snip off any excess length of wire. All sharp points should be completely covered with tape.

I have always used corsage tape around hand held bouquets with delicate stems (such as Calla lillies as shown below).

However, Oasis has introduced a new type of stem tape called Bind-It. This is awesome! It's not sticky to handle, you can use it even for small corsages and boutonnieres and it will soon be available in clear as well as green.

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