Florist Supply Products

Using the Chrysal Thorn Stripper

The newest in floral supply products is always of great interest to professional florists.  We love the new and innovative tools introduced over the past years that make our jobs so much easier.

One of the great handy little gadgets is the Chrysal Thorn Stripper.  Very flexible and soft, it effectively removes those pesky (and hurtful!) thorns off long and short stemmed roses.

Older metal style de-thorners could actually damage the outer skin of the rose stem if the florist wasn't careful, allowing scraped areas that allow bacteria to enter into the rose through the water.

These wonderful little de-thorners protect your hands - and quickly remove thorns and foliage from the stem that will be under the waterline.

Just watch this video demonstration by Jay Schwanke to see how fast you can de-thorn and remove the foliage from a whole bunch of fresh roses!

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