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Florist supplies wholesale on the internet aren't always "wholesale". A true floral wholesaler requires you to provide proof that you are a retailer with a state tax identification number. Because a wholesaler doesn't charge sales tax, they are accountable to their individual states to prove that the products sold will eventually have sales tax collected by the retailing florist.

Most florist won't sell many of their designing products, simply because they would soon put themselves out of business! They are in the market to sell their labor skills, not just be a hobby or supply store. Any products sold are generally marked up 2 1/2 to 3 times their original price and then labor is added on top of that cost.

Oasis Florist Foam

Smithers-Oasis is known world wide for the quality of their florist foam and other fresh wedding flowers products. You can purchase it in bricks . This foam is remarkable in that is closely duplicates the actual structure of a flower stem cell. Oasis foam cylinders, more commonly known as cake foam, fits perfectly in the O'Bowl containers, which can be used in a variety of ways, including on top of tower Empire vases. Florist foam also comes in a variety of colors . Also very important is a couple of products that every florist uses when soaking their florist foam or cutting their fresh flowers.

Bouquet Holders

Oasis has many different bouquet holders to choose from, including the Belle , the more familiar Lomey holder , the newer Bravo bouquet holder , which allows you to quickly create the look of a hand-tied bouquet. Would you prefer to create a silk wedding bouquet instead? Then you will need a bouquet holder made with Sahara foam. The most innovative and practical (not to say beautiful!) is the Elegant bouquet holder

If you would like to display your bouquets at your reception in a unique way, take a look at my bouquet clamps page.

Florist Tools

Quality florist tools are so important to a professional florist. I remember well that a florist rarely lets her flower knife stray too far from her hands! Also invaluable are other precision tools for cutting flowers, including floral snips , pruners for heavy, woody stems, and floral scissors . Remember to never cut flowers with regular scissors, since they tend to pinch the flower stems and cut off the water supply to the flower head. Other florist supplies wholesale, such as flower arranging supplies include pot glue, hot melt pans and other floral supplies. Wholesale products like these make projects easier, faster to design and look better when finished.

Specialty Florist Foam

Florists depend on Oasis foam made into specific shapes for quick design purposes. These include foam rings , Oasis garland , round spheres for pomander designs, large blocks for altar and outdoor florals, and dry florist foam needed for silk wedding flowers. Pew decorations are easier to create and attach when you start with beautiful products by Oasis floral supplies. Wholesale products meant for florists . . .but now - available to brides!

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