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A professional florist supplies knife is an essential tool in floral designing. Every florist worth her (or his) salt uses a quality knife with a sharp edge designed especially for cutting flower stems.

Professional knives for flowers are usually sharpened on one edge. It is imperative to cut flower stems with a sharp blade or other floral cutting tools, since regular household scissors tend to crush delicate stems, "pinching" off cells that makes it so flowers struggle to draw water up the stem.

If you only need a blade for a temporary job, you can use an economy knife. Oasis makes one that is reasonable price wise, yet still easy to handle and can tackle tough stems.

Now if you plan to do more than a one-time floral design job, you may want to consider a standard straight-bladed folding knife. Quality crafted by Oasis, this knife can be resharpened for many years of service and stand up to lots of hard use. I love the feel of this knife in my hand, which allows me a firm grip despite dealing with wet stems. (Trust me - it's easier to cut yourself with a flimsy, cheap knife than a quality florist knife!

My personal favorite is a hooked folding knife, which is handy when it comes to slitting open flower boxes and plastic sleeves from bunches of flowers.

This Oasis sharpener has two sharpening positions to accommodates both knives and scissors. The diamond ground carbide inserts creates sharp edges to dull surfaces on professional knives. The stainless steel screw is removable and allows for easy blade replacement. There is a protective finger guard to help prevent possible injury to your hand while sharpening knives.

If you are interested in doing your own floral designing, check out the professional products used by florists everywhere and available in my store.

Many of these items are often available only to professionally licensed shops through their wholesale floral suppliers.

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