Florist Supplies for Corsages

Floral Craft Supplies that Makes Creating Corsages Easy!

Florist supplies for corsages include several basic items that are essential for quick and easy corsage construction. Having all of your supplies handy BEFORE you start to make corsages is the key.

When making fresh corsages, the challenge is keeping them fresh through the date you need them! Since most aren't kept in water, this can be a challenge. That's why I like using these handy little Stay-Fresh corsage stems!

Soak them in water pre-treated with flower food and insert them into the base of your flower! Wire as usual. Now your corsages and boutonnieres actually DO have a water source (you can re-wet the absorbent pad again and again to keep replenishing the bloom). This has been a great asset to my wedding business!

I usually use 22 gauge wire for corsage work. Whether you use straight wire that you have to cut or paddle wire that you unwind from a spool, 22 gauge is flexible enough that it's easy to use and keep down bulky stems, yet strong enough to pierce tough flower bulbs and stems.

Prewired silk rose corsage leaves are a quick and handy way to back corsage work. I've seen the itty-bitty corsage leaves offered at "bargain rates", but they are small and look a little strange against a large rose head. I prefer the professional quality leaves that are large enough to require only three or four per corsage and look well in porportion to the size of the flowers used.

One of the newest florist supplies for corsages out on the market today is flower adhesive. Wholesale floral supply companies have had to work hard to convince florists that it IS simpler and faster to glue corsage work than the "old fashioned" way of taping and wiring. (I must admit . . .I was hard to convince as well).

But the newest floral adhesives ARE easy to work with, hold up well even in water conditions and doesn't damage the flowers in any way. You can't say that about hot melt glue!

Make your bow first, attach to your wristlet, and glue away, cutting leaving a little of the stem and inserting deep into the bow.

Give a good tug and shake after drying to be sure all the flowers are well secured.

If you still prefer to wire and tape, you will need corsage tape. This tape stretches and adheres to itself, making it easy to tape down stem wires.

Of all the florist supplies for corsages that you may buy, one of the best investments is Finishing Touch. I ALWAYS finish all my fresh flower work with through misting with a flower sealant. It helps keep the corsage from wilting too early and seals in moisture. It is a must!

It's easy to add a touch of class to any boutonniere or corsage with bling-bling. Whether you use Diamante pins for a sparkle, or triple-pearl pins for the classy look, your corsages will shine with the "special" touch.

Find all the above florist supplies for corsages and more in my design store. Drop me a line on my Contact Form if there's something in particular you're looking for if you can't find it!

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