Florist Supplies for Centerpieces

Florist supplies for centerpieces made out of fresh flowers are sometimes hard to find in regular discount or craft supply stores. When checking out the most popular sites like and Teleflora can quickly stun you with the fact that simple centerpieces usually begin at $50 to $60. Centerpieces appropriate for banquets and weddings can quickly mount up to $100 per table or more!

Providing your own labor using professional supplies can bring those totals down considerably. Using the right supplies is the key, since florists are expert at using products that make up quickly into beautiful centerpieces with a minimum of time and fuss.

Long and low centerpieces are made with long blocks of florist foam. A new product out by Oasis, called spray and raquette bars are excellent for this purpose. I often refer to them as "soak and poke", because they flower up so quickly. They do come in three different lengths.

Of course, the most economical route of buying florist supplies for centerpieces is buying basic bricks of florist foam. Scored into convenient cutting marks, cut the amount you need, secure into a waterproof bowl with potting tape and insert your fresh flowers.

One of the hottest new products to hit the floral market today is Rainbow foam. This colored foam brings in a whole new dimension to floral designing. Instead of trying to conceal the flower foam, it now becomes a part of the design in exciting colors including lime green, fuscia, blue, pumpkin and sunny yellow!

When doing a large amount of centerpieces, floral designers use bowls that look expensive with a metallic finish, yet are actually made of a durable, waterproof plastic that holds up well to travel and handling. Therefore the expense of the centerpiece can go into the FLOWERS . . .not the container! They have built in prongs in the bottom of the container for easy grip and secure hold of the wet or dry florist foam.

A fairly new florist supplies for centerpieces is a design ring. Made by Oasis, it has a built in water tray. Think of the enormous time saver it would be to be able to make up your arrangements several days in advance as long as you keep them watered. Older styled rings made in maches didn't have a water source and the foam dried out quickly.

I love using these for easy Hurricane centerpieces. They come in three different sizes and work beautifully for weddings or large banquets. They are also available in the colored Rainbow foam as well!

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