Florist Supplies for Bouquets

If finding florist supplies for bouquets is proving difficult, see the various products available below. I've been a bridal florist for over sixteen years and believe having the right products makes the job much easier!

Wholesale Florist Supplies for Bouquets are Hard to Find!

The biggest challenge is that many of the supplies you should use are available only through a wholesale floral supply source. Florists don't tend to put these items out for sale in their shops since they would rather do the labor themselves.

ProductsYou Will Need

Since even bulk wedding flowers are a rather sizable investment, it pays to go a little further and obtain the same products that professionals use to create beautiful bridal flowers that last.

Wedding Bouquet Holders

Designing on a holder is actually the easiest way to go, since the flowers don't have to be manipulated. They stay in place wherever you put them and have a constant water source. Be sure to re-wet the foam often to keep the flowers fresh even days in advance of the wedding day.

I consider a Belle holder from Oasis to be one of the best economy bouquet holders around. It has a larger head of florist foam. This is important. Those little stems of flowers add up quickly and take up a lot of room in the foam head.

Use a straight handle for a round bouquet that is held upright and a slanted holder for a cascading bouquet.

I consider floral adhesive a must for every bouquet to secure in the flowers after the bouquet is finished. If you don't want to be trailing flowers down the aisle or have your cascade fall out of the bottom, consider this valuable product. I wouldn't make a bouquet without it!

Just be sure to put it on the SIDE of the bouquet stem - you don't want to block the upflow of water to the flower head on the cut bottom of the stem. Although a little more expensive, there is an spray can called Flora-Lock which comes with a long, straw to make it easy to poke in among the flower heads and squirt a little glue. This is the adhesive I use in my designs.

Easy Hand-Tied Bouquet Look

It is much easier to create a hand-tied look on a Bravo holder than to try to manipulate all the stems in your hand. Simply insert the blooms on the top and cut stems on the bottom and wrap a ribbon around the center.

Flower Sealants

Once finished with creating the bouquet, be sure to mist throughly with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. This important step works better than water since it nourishes the blooms and seals them against dehydration (a problem in both heated rooms and air-conditioned rooms).

Although florist shops buy this stuff by the gallons, a Do It Yourself bride should get by easily with only one or two bottles, determined by exactly how many flowers she intends to make. Don't forget to seal corsages and bouts as well, since they don't have an active water source they can draw from.

Bouquet Stands

When thinking of the florist supplies for bouquets that you will need, DIY brides seldom consider stands. Bouquet stands come in handy both when you are designing the bouquet to hold it steady and for displaying on the bridal table at the reception hall.

There are several different kinds of stands available, both for flat handled holders and the round Belle holders.

You can finish the handle of your bouquet holders by either ribbon wrapping or a bouquet wrap. These wraps are easy to slip on, impervious to water and create a beautiful finish to your bouquet without a lot of fuss or trouble.

Decorative Accents

The right florist supplies for bouquets can add interest and sparkle to your bridal bouquets. With a variety of treatments and bling-bling, your bouquet can be one of a kind! Sparkling jewel headed pins, pearls, sisal and angel hair wire add a glistening touch to your flowers.

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