Florist Knife

A quality florist knife is one of the most valuable tools a florist can have! These knives are fashioned to cut through both tough and delicate flower stems without crushing the delicate stem cells. Dull blades and regular household scissors can be guilty of "pinching" flower stems, making it difficult for flowers to draw up water to nourish the flower head.

Smithers-Oasis is a well-known name within the floral industry. Producers of their famous florist foam, they also carry a complete line of florist tools made with excellent craftmanship.

This hooked folding knife is one of several OASIS™ Cutting Tools.
With it's precision-ground stainless steel, the blade folds inside the hand for safety when not in use.

Oasis also makes the same flower knife in a straight blade style. It's 2 3/8" precision ground blade folds inside the handle for safety. The handle is molded to fit comfortably in the hand, reducing slipping when handling wet flower stems.

To fill more temporary needs, Oasis has create this price-saving Economy Knife. It's 2 5/16" blade does not fold as with the other two tools.

These tools and other quality Oasis products are found in the tool section of my online store.

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