Florist Foam

Florist foam is a standard in every flower shop across the country.Years ago you needed extra support such as chicken wire, grids and more to hold the flowers in place, but the quality of the products made today makes that unnecessary. There are

Quality Oasis Products

My personal favorite is Oasis. It imitates the actual cell structure of a flower stem and is engineered to draw water up to a flower head the same way the actual stem does. It is important to use the proper flower food and other nutrients to increase the life span of your flower arrangement.

When using Oasis be sure to allow it to float in the water bucket and absorb the water until it sinks. Forcing the foam down into the water can create air pockets that stay dry inside. Of course - if a flower stem is stuck into this dry pocket, it will die because it can't uptake water.

Where to Buy Discount Florist Supplies


Since my site is dedicated to teaching you how to make your own bridal bouquet, and learning how to make centerpieces, I want to be sure you can find the very same products that I use in my own bridal shop. You will find Oasis blocks for large altar sprays, Oasis bricks for baskets and bowls, Oasis cylinders for tall centerpieces, Oasis sculpting sheets

Discount Florist Supplies

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