Floral Foam

Netted Oasis Spheres

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Netted spheres solved the problems that florists used to face when making pomanders (flower balls).   They used to have to tape the round balls with waterproof tape in order to give the ball more stability and prevent foam break down. 

Now the strong, yet slender, netting gives solid support while leaving plenty of surface for the insertion of flowers.

Approximation of the number of flowers needed for each size sphere:

  • 3" Sphere - approx 25 carnations or roses
  • 4 1/2" Sphere - approx 50 carnations or roses
  • 6" Sphere - approx 75 carnations or roses
  • 8" Sphere - approx 120 carnations  or roses(size of basketball)

Please note that these are estimates.  Total flowers needed always depends on the actual size of the flower heads used.

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