Floralock Bouquet Adhesive

Floralock bouquet adhesive is a great product that locks bouquet stems into the florist foam, preventing them from slipping out.  Wet stems and wet foam are slippery. Large bouquets have a lot of stems in a small space. 

The extra security of adhesive assures that every stem will stay where it was placed during designing.

Attached to the side of the can is a red straw.  This is inserted into the spray nozzle before using.

Make sure to place the straw firmly into the nozzle head so the glue doesn't leak when being sprayed.

Please remember to shake the can thoroughly so the adhesive can flow smoothly thru the straw and you can use all the contents.

Tuck the straw deep between the flower heads and give short bursts of glue.  Don't continually spray, as the adhesive may run down and out of the bouquet, making the outer part sticky.

You need to be done designing before using Floralock, as the adhesive will seal the top of the foam and make it difficult to insert any more flowers.  This is one of the final steps in bouquet designing.

Continue to shake the can every so often to keep the glue spray flowing thru the nozzle.

Remove the red tube after using and wash immediately with hot water.  Rinse off any residue on the can nozzle as well.  Re-tape the red nozzle to the side of the can again for the next use.

One can is usually more than enough for a average size wedding party's bouquets. 

I don't usually use Floralock on centerpieces - but do use it on large flower sprays that have to endure transportation to the church.

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