Floral Table Centerpiece

Perfect for a Garden Wedding Centerpiece!

Design your own floral table centerpiece with easy Oasis florist foam by Oasis! Professional florists love the ease at which they can create beautiful centerpieces for weddings, parties and other social events. These are easily turned into either candle or hurricane centerpieces if needed.

The water tray is built right into the container, making it possible to design several days in advance as long as the water supply is replenished.

Step 1. Soak the Oasis Design Foam

Float the florist foam upside down in water treated with flower nutrients. . (Please don't skip this step if you want your flowers to last as long as those coming from a professional flower shop. Proper nutrients are an important step in extending flower life!)

Place ivy plugs in the foam by cutting small holes out here and there on the tray. Use greening pins or bent pieces of wire to hold into place in the foam. Secure ivy trailer to foam with greening pins.

Step 2 - Place Bulbs

Place bulb plants (tulips, miniature daffodils, hyacinths, etc.) by cutting small holes and placing the plants in the design tray. Place in the bulb flowers. Secure with greening pins.

Step 3. Fill in bare spots with Moss or Greenery.

Fill in the rest of the Oasis foam that is showing with moss, greenery or extra cut flowers. Secure with greening pins or bent wire.

Be sure the moss doesn't dangle into the water - because it will pull the water out and dry out the arrangement.

See how beautiful a beautiful "living" centerpiece can be! You can give them away as gifts to your special guests after the wedding reception.

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