Floral Head Wreath

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It can be tricky to make a floral head wreath, but looks so sweet on a flower girl's head! See some of the various blossoms that you can make a wreath from. Just be sure to coat thoroughly with a flower sealant since it will not have a water source all day.

The top pink halo is made of hyacinth blooms. The white halo is formed of gardenias, roses and stephanotis (Mmmmm . . . smells so good!). The low wreath to the right is made of pink spray roses and the last wreath is made of pink heather and green hydrangea.

The ring below can either be worn as a head wreath, worn as a floral bracelet or carried as a flower ring. It is made from purple waxflower, babies' breath, seafoam statice, limonium, and heather.

This lovely headpiece is made of blue delphinium, limonium, muscari, and veronica. With ribbons attached, this hair flowersneeds to be pinned to the head rather than worn on top.

This next halo is made from several silk berries and fresh red and green hypericum berries. I think this would be perfect for a outdoor or less formal outdoor wedding.

This final beautiful hair flowers is actually a headband with Gloriosa Lilies attached with floral glue.

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All photos courtesy of John Henry. All rights reserved.

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