Floral Garlands

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Floral garlands can run to the expensive side when purchased from a professional florist because of the time involved. It isn't unusual for a long rope of flower garland to cost several hundreds of dollars.

There is a new product out by Oasis that makes it a little easier to create garland than by hand wiring. It is cylinder-shaped oasis strung together with a netting fabric. Simply soak in nutrient treated water and fill with greens, flowers or both.

Oasis Garland

Decorative Garland

Decorative ropes of flower and greenery can be created with flowers to match your wedding color scheme. The total expense of your floral garland is going to depend on the type of flowers you use and how heavily you fill it in. To keep expenses down, green first and THEN add the flowers of your choice. Using daisies, as pictured below, will keep the cost considerably lower than if you used roses or lilies.

Rose Flower Garland

The rose flower garland you see swagged on this fireplace started with a base of christmas greens! The flowers were simply cut and glued with flower adhesive. Since the suggested retail price for this garland is well over $900, you can see where you could save quite a bit by doing it yourself! The final cost for you will be determined by how many roses you use. This one called for 16 dozen roses!

If you want lighted greenery, I suggest you weave the lights in BEFORE adding your flowers. Just be sure to check out the lights before wiring them to the greenery base.

Floral garlands can be draped across as table runners, hung from windows, or draped over doors or archways. Be sure to plan on a sturdy way to fasten - fresh flowers with soaked Oasis is heavier than it looks. You wouldn't want it to tumble down on your head as you made a grand entrance!

This garland has a lighter, more delicate look because of the plumosa fern that is added. This cheap fern adds a lot of texture and interest to your floral garland and is very cost effective.

This garland is so impressive when swagged in front of the bridal table. You need to at least double the length of the garland the measurement of all the tabletops together.

The bouquets pictures on the garland below are held by table clamps. This is a really handy way to let your bridesmaid bouquets or your bridal bouquet do "double duty" as reception decorations after the wedding ceremony is over. The clamps screw to the table and are ready and waiting for the bouquets to be slipped into the holder as soon as they arrive at the reception hall. These clamps can be used with Lomey Bouquet Holders or (my favorite to use because of the bigger Oasis foam head) the Belle Wedding Bouquet Holders. These clamps WILL NOT work with the Elegant Wedding Bouquet Holders - there is a table top stand made especially to display those holders.

Here is what the Oasis garland looks like from a cross-cut view. You can choose not to flower the backside (to save on flowers) or flower all around for a garland hanging from a window or doorway.

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