Floral Foam Spheres

Floral foam spheres are used by florist when making the stylish pomander centerpieces.

Florists used to have to tape these balls with pot tape to keep the foam from tearing and losing it's integrity. If you plan to make a bridesmaid or flowergirl pomanders, it is much easier if you use a netted spheres , which already have a supportive nylon netting wrapped around them. A 3" or 4 1/2" ball is plenty big for bouquets that are carried for attendants. Much larger and the bouquet will be very heavy because of the water and stem weight of the flowers.

These spheres are also wonderful for topiary centerpieces in which the pomander is suspended in the air on top of a frame support. The netting helps keep the foam together and keeps it from sliding down the pole support. Great ideas from one of the best wholesale floral suppliers in the country!

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