Floral Foam Raquettes Holder

A floral foam RAQUETTES Holder is made by OASIS®. This company has been providing quality products to the floral industries for years and their name stands for quality!

I fell in love with this design product when I first saw them at a SAF Flower show in Florida a few years ago. What a wonderful idea - a large block of florist foam attached to a base and wrapped in a plastic film. No taping, no wiring, no container. That's why I jokingly refer to these as "soak and poke"! Soooooo easy!

OASIS® started with a long bar of their Deluxe floral foam and wrapped it in a dark green poly film. This film is perforated so the bar will saturate quickly and as well as keeping the evaporation rate down!

The Raquettes are available in two lengths - 18" and 27". It sits on a rigid plastic base with two pre-drilled holes. This makes it easy to wire the flower arrangement to candelabras and other standing holders. You can use these on mantels, church altars, table edges and so much more!

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