Floral Foam Garland

This innovative floral foam garland is made by OASIS®. This company constantly comes up with more and more ideas for making designing flowers easier.

You can create gorgeous floral garlands that used to take painstaking time to wire and tape OR the use of a special "garland maker" that florist use to quickly wire greenery into long ropes. This piece of equipment is costly and you usually have to be in a business to make it worthwhile purchasing.

However, OASIS® has made this handy design product that is simply tubes of Deluxe Floral foam encased in a flexible green netting that ensures the integrity of the foam. Simply put . . . the foam won't fall apart as you insert the flowers!

It comes in two lengths, from 9' up to a long 32.8' length. I have cut these apart, hung them from tiki lights, draped them around window seals and doors.

Now you MUST keep these foam cylinders wet after designing . . . because open air does tend to dry it out - especially if outside. I simply insert the flowers and gently lay them down in a large RubberMaid tub of water (treated with flower food). Then I transport them, lay them out on the grass for a few minutes so they quit dripping and then hang or put them where I want them. Be sure to mist well with Finishing Touch for extra hydrating protection.

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