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Floral foam cylinders are commonly referred to as "cake foam" by professional florists. Their round shape is the foam used to create the famous "flower cakes" that you see in advertisements by companies such as 1800flowers.com.

I made many of those cakes for my customers when working at the flower shop! But these handy little cylinders of foam also can be used in round bowl arrangements, in O'Bowl Flower Containers (which make fabulous pew decorations ) and fit perfectly in silver or gold bowls on top of tall wedding centerpieces.

These cylinders come in different sizes and are made of OASIS® Standard Floral Foam. There is no cutting or shaping required and therefore less waste.

Cylinder foam is ideal for mugs, round baskets and round wedding containers and of course the famous birthday cake of flowers.

Be sure to check out the proper way to condition fresh flowers . It may seem like a waste of time or money . . but trying to do wedding flowers without using the same steps that a florist uses can come to heartache. It's important to TREAT YOUR FLOWERS FIRST, then design! That is how your flowers can hold up to the rigors of a busy wedding day!

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